Spending time with smartphones, laptops, and tablets arise a big question: Are these devices bringing us closer together or further apart?

As much as Technology is covering our lots of time in different fields of life. Technology help us to entertain ourselves. Technology can be used Technology can be a problem when it lets you avoid taking responsibility for your actions — such as ‘ghosting’ someone instead of breaking up with them in person — but it also gives us many different ways to build and maintain relationships, join communities, and express what we need from each other.

In these interesting times, it has been a challenge for me to relate to others when sequestered. I enjoy the physical presence of others. I love to laugh and play with groups of people. I love hugs!

I ask myself, “How can I connect in these unprecedented times?”

Although I prefer in-person contact, I am expanding my horizons to communicate via technology.

I am mindful of what I text or write as it can be misconstrued. I am careful to choose my words wisely, since the written word lacks voice inflection to get my message across. I reread the message before I hit “send”.

I read my words out loud to myself and look at the message from their perspective. I realize that their perspective is based on the information that they have been exposed to, so I err on the side of compassion.

I listen closely and only speak when I truly understand what someone has said. I can always ask questions for clarification. By being understanding and compassionate, I usually can discern their true intention.

I call them on the phone or socialize through video chats when we both have a free moment. I know I can get to the heart of things that matter most when using vocal tones and kindness.

Today, I use technology to keep my relationships intact, even when visits are few and far between.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I maintain my relationships when I can’t visit with those I care about?
  2. When texting, what questions can I ask to learn their true intent?
  3. How can I honor others by listening consciously and attentively?

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