I know how to use and benefit from new technology. I have the talent and skills to learn how to take advantage of new advances. I know where to turn to for help to acquire new tech skills, too. I use my connections and network to grow.

I see the perks of using new technology. I am open to learning new systems and processes.

I am also aware of the disadvantages of ignoring advances in technology. I want to avoid falling behind.

I avoid frustration by studying new tech. I pay attention to the manuals and details, so I get the whole scope of the equipment or software. I stay aware of upgrades and figure out how to use them.

New technology helps simplify my job and makes my life easier. It gives me more options, increases my connections, and improves my productivity.

I feel empowered by learning new technology.

I enjoy growing my skills and adding to my knowledge base. I like to see my talents increase. I especially like to stay on top of the trends that affect my work. Knowing the latest technology in my industry can give my career a boost, whether I stay at my current job or seek a new opportunity.

Today, I show the world my love for new technology. I share my knowledge and skills with others, so they, too, can learn these new advances and enjoy their benefits.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How can I continue to learn new technology with my busy lifestyle?
  • Who can teach me the latest information about new advances in technology?
  • What can I do to stay on top of the latest technology trends at work?

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