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Do you ever feel like you don’t get enough “me time?” Although your responsibilities may sometimes seem overwhelming, you can create more time for yourself.

If you’d like to carve out a piece of your life just for you, take a look at these ideas and inspirations.

  1. Consider arising an hour earlier in the morning. Even if you’re not sure this method will work for you, try it just a few days a week.
    • Mornings can be quiet and interruption-free, which make them an ideal time to indulge in your favorite activities.
    • Try reading a good novel for an hour, practicing meditation, or even doing artwork. You’ll feel nourished if you engage in some of these pleasures without phones ringing or someone needing your attention.
  1. Use your evenings just before bed. If you have young children, perhaps you can put them in bed a couple of hours before you retire for the night. Late evening can be ideal for capturing some personal time.
    • Although you might normally use that time to complete chores or other pressing activities, consider making at least one night a week sacred and uninterruptable. This evening is just for you to enjoy your personal activities.
  1. For those who love to read, don’t leave home without your current book. You’ll be surprised at the minutes you can capture throughout a day to read a page or two.
    • If you’re allowed some 15 minute breaks at work, but often don’t take them, try using some of them to catch up on your reading.
    • Riding public transportation can also bring opportunities to read during your commute to and from work.
  1. Train yourself to find and appreciate visual beauty wherever you are. Perhaps you often hurry from place to place or task to task. In doing so, you may miss noticing something beautiful right in front of you.
    • Make a point of savoring the richness of nature.
    • For example, during your walk to the public transportation area, maybe flowers, bushes, and trees surround you. Perhaps you hear birds calling or feel the warm sun on your skin.
    • Growing plants provide one of nature’s greatest shows. Watch as they change throughout the seasons.
  1. Use technology to find time for yourself. If you’re a technology aficionado, you most likely have discovered the many ways of gaining personal time through technology. Use your favorite gadget to listen to music, hear a podcast, or view a short video. This will help you capture personal time throughout your day.
    • You can learn a foreign language or delve into various other subjects using your mp3 player or smart phone.
  1. Talk with your partner. Being part of a loving partnership can be helpful when looking to find some personal time. Talk with your partner about your need to find more personal time to pursue activities that interest you.
    • Negotiate a couple of hours weekly to do whatever your heart desires.
    • Agree that your partner gets an equal amount of personal time as well. You’ll both be pleased with the mutual arrangement for more “me time.” You can help protect each other’s sacred time from interruptions, and give each other the gift of better quality time alone.
  1. Get a babysitter. Single parents can call on a friend, family member or neighbour to trade babysitting for a few hours a week.
    • An agreement like this one ensures you’ll receive your special time each week and so will your friend, family member or neighbour.

Making time for your needs might not seem easy at first. However, with some planning and creative thinking, you can capture a few hours a week to engage in activities you truly enjoy. Consider the ideas above as you pursue your personal time. After all, you deserve it!

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