Binance has a great feature of learn and earn crypto. Build your blockchain knowledge, complete quizzes, and earn free crypto. This feature will not only increase your knowledge about crypto, marketing, finance and trading etc, but also give you a good share of price money.

You just need to read article carefully. Keep good and main points in your mind and apply for quiz. Quiz system is very simple. You will see multiples choices and need to select correct answer.

Locate Binance Learn & Earn Feature In Desktop/Laptop

  1. Go to Square Option in the main menu.

2. Select Academy (Learn and Earn) option.

It’ll let you to the binance academy page where you can find latest and open learning topic/course.

3. Click on Start Learning and read full article and watch training video.

When you complete reading and want to start quiz then click on start quiz button.

Locate Binance Learn & Earn Feature In Desktop/Laptop

  1. Open your binance app and click on more option.

2. Scroll down to the Gift and Campaign option and click on Learn and Earn feature.

3. Scroll down and find which course is open and available to earn. Click on Start earning button and read full article and watch video.

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